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This is the age of Artificial Intelligence. Memory is replaced with search engines and databanks. We use them but are not dependent on them. We hold to our memories. We are real people. We deal with real people. We care for the people who trust us to care for their travel needs. That is how we have accumulated a data bank of a customer base that spans four continents, multiple nationalities speaking many languages. They all understand us. They depend on us. We speak one simple universal language. Our language has only three words. Competence, Reliability and Integrity. We specialize in leisure travel and corporate travel. We handle individuals and groups. These are only classifications. To us each traveler is a person. Our home is Sri Lanka. It has been in the path of explorers, conquerors, travelers and pilgrims through the ages and timeless history. So, this is in our blood and bone marrow!

We help you discover, roam, explore and experience Sri Lanka and nearby islands in the Maldivian archipelago. You can count on a team of travel consultants whose eye for detail makes all the difference in a service where things are not expected to go wrong but often do. We try to do things better by being simpler. We assist by innovation and flexibility. We make it safer by caution and care. We make it pleasant by being passionate and pleasing. Forgive us for this little piece of self-praise. Heritage Expediciones regards the trust of our overseas principals in the tourism industry and every customer and client handled by us as the most valuable of our asset base. We stand by our commitments through market volatility, weather variables and itinerary adjustments demanded by clients in keeping with the best internationally accepted practices.

In July 2019 we celebrated our 16th year in the leisure and hospitality industry while our founder marked his 41st  year in the industry. We have achieved much. But in this business of travel every dawn is a new journey. Tell us what you need. We deliver a value proposition that is measurable. So. When you deal with us, you are ahead already.

Sustainability Policy of Heritage Expediciones

Sustainable and responsible tourism is our priority as it is the core principle of Heritage Expediciones (Pvt) Ltd., Our main objective is to make a sizeable impact wherever we travel to. We believe that Travel and Tourism could protect the natural habitat and the environment. It will also improve the livelihood of the community with economic opportunities generated. In achieving this, our dedication will be towards:-

  • Planing tours in a manner that will limit the physical impact on our planet and the places visited.
  • Ensure that we constantly work towards protecting nature and the environment by using resources in an efficient and responsible way.
  • Curtailing the use of disposable and consumable goods and recycling waste.
  • Consuming water and electricity in a responsible manner.
  • Sustainable purchasing policies to be implemented.
  • Procuring services from others who follow sustainable practices.
  • Sharing the economic gains of tourism by working with the local communities.
  • Encouraging our associates and employees to think and work in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • Be mindful and respect our surroundings wherever we travel to.
  • Ensure that all our employees are cared for, respected and remunerated fairly.
  • Ensuring that our growth is sustainable, and our economic gains shared in a way that will benefit our staff and stakeholders.

George David,
Chairman / Managing Director
Heritage Expediciones (Pvt) Ltd.,


Heritage Expediciones is a vibrant and innovative Destination Management Company in Sri Lanka. We recently celebrated our thirteenth year of operations and have firmly established ourselves as one of the leaders in the travel and tourism industry of Sri Lanka. Read more..

The Company prides itself on being able to deliver truly outstanding levels of service and our passionate team members will leave no-stone-unturned in their efforts to satisfy our customers. Our team of experienced travel professionals have been the Company’s strength and the recipe for our success over the years. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company also understands the importance of building and enhancing the quality of life in our community and environment and regular projects are conducted to address the various needs of our society.

Heritage Expediciones: Unravelling the Best of 15 Years

Heritage Expediciones, a destination management company, which was founded in 2003, by Mr. George David, has come through a 15 year journey by creating memorable experiencesto their clientele.Unravelling the best of 15 years, they held their anniversary celebrations at Waters Edge on 29th June 2018, celebrating with their national and chauffeur guides, staff and well wishers who have supported them along their journey.
On this occasion, they also launched their new interactive website that is tailor made to their clientele, to customize a trip around Sri Lanka. This website allows the client to have a virtual run of their tour.The success of this milestone achieved by Heritage Expediciones, is their experienced and dedicated team, who has built the Heritage family with the enthusiasm to reach greater heights.

29th Friday, June 2018