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This is the age of Artificial Intelligence. Memory is replaced with search engines and databanks. We use them but are not dependent on them. We hold to our memories. We are real people. We deal with real people. We care for the people who trust us to care for their travel needs. That is how we have accumulated a data bank of a customer base that spans four continents, multiple nationalities speaking many languages. They all understand us. They depend on us. We speak one simple universal language. Our language has only three words. Competence, Reliability and Integrity.

We specialize in leisure travel and corporate travel. We handle individuals and groups. These are only classifications. To us each traveler is a person. Our home is Sri Lanka. It has been in the path of explorers, conquerors, travelers and pilgrims through the ages and timeless history. So, this is in our blood and bone marrow! Read More...

Duruthu Perahera (January)

Duruthu Perahera makes the beginning of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist Calendar. The Duruthu Perahera is one of the most culturally glorious processions celebrated by devotees annually during the month of January (Duruthu).

Galle Literary Festival will take place from 16th – 20th of January 2019, marking the festival's tenth anniversary. This festival has become one of the most anticipated Literary Events in South Asia.

Navam Perahera (February)

Navam Perahera is a grand procession of tuskers, dancers, drummers, torch bearers, fire-eaters and acrobats making their way down the streets of Colombo 2 as per annual traditions.

Maha Shivaratri (March)

Maha Shivaratri is a major festival in Hinduism celebrated annually in honour of God Shiva.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year(April)

Sinhala and Tamil New Year The favourite national holiday in Sri Lanka is the Sinhala and Tamil New Year; called in Sinhala Aluth Avurudda which is on the 13th and 14th of April. It is a time for family gatherings with food, games and customs of goodwill and visits to relatives. Horse Racing and Carnivals in Nuwara Eliya come alive during the month of April.

Vesak (May)

Vesak is a religious and cultural festival in Sri Lanka. It is celebrated on the day of the full moon in the month of May. Vesak Day is one of the biggest days of the year and is celebrated by Buddhists all over the world.

Best time for Surfing in Arugambay is from May to October.

Adam’s Peak climbing season ends on Vesak Poya which falls on the 18th and 19th of May.

Weddings (June)

Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for weddings during the month of June which is an auspicious month in the country.

Kataragama Perahera (July)

A festival procession in honour of god Skanda, also referred to as Kataragama Deviyo. Kataragama is interwoven around many faiths, thus this Perahera spectacle is one to look forward to for two weeks in the month of July / August

Esala Perahera & Nallur Festival (August)

The Esala Perahera in Kandy is celebrated to honour the Sacred Tooth Relic and the four ‘guardian’ Gods Natha, Vishnu, Kataragama and Goddess Pattini. This event is one of the best cultural events in Asia.

The Nallur Festival in Jaffna is the island's longest festival. Spanning 25 days of vibrant chariot processions, drumming, dancing and acts of self-mortification, held in honour of the war god Skanda

Elephant Gathering in Minneriya (September)

The dry season in Sri Lanka means decreased water supplies for these massive mammals. This brings them from far and wide to drink from the Minneriya Tank. When the sun is setting they begin to emerge starting off with one or two and building upto 300 at peak times. Here they graze, drink, play and even find mates and socialize.

Diwali (October)

Diwali is one of the most popular holidays in Hindu countries which symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Whale Watching (November)

The best period for spotting whales in their natural habitat begins in November and extends till March. Breathtaking experiences of getting to see the largest animal on earth is a possibility mainly along the west and south coasts of Sri Lanka.

Sri Pada climbing season (December)

Sri Pada climbing season commences on the "Unduvap" full moon day (in December) and ends on the "Vesak" full moon day in the ensuing year. The sacred footmark at the top is 7,360 ft. above sea level. Many pilgrims make an effort to reach the summit before dawn to witness the rising sun which is spectacular.